Why You Need To Become Rich?

When they say “Money rulers the world”, I naturally agree with the statement to a large extent. Why is fund ruling the world? it is simply because with more coin “were living” better. Yes, you live better because you can afford anything you desire, meaning that life will become more cozy. The first vehicle I utilized was Volkswagen beetle, after that I abused various types of cars, but when I bought the Mercedes Benz 230, the drive and feel is different. The more fund “youve had”, the more excellence things you buy, the better enjoyment and the longer you enjoy those things. For precedent, a inexpensive shoe may last for six months to a year, but a quality and expensive shoe will previous for years to come. This tells me that it is economically better to buy a very expensive shoe that will last-place me for years than a cheap one that will pack up in six month’s time, that will mean buying brand-new shoes every six months to one year.

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With more fund you can live longer because you will eat the best prescribed meat, enjoy the best medical facilities available in the world. Yes, you can travel from your country to any country of your preference for medical check up. You encounter, except it is really your time to die, having more money will help you to live longer in a better country of health. This is the reason I am advising you not to join the train of people who criticizes riches and wealth. I believe that those who are against wealth and riches are phonies, they secretly desire more money on the inside of them. They condemn riches because some have tried to get it but flunked, some are afraid of taking the necessary threats and so felt incapable of becoming rich. The next action the resolve to take is to criticize the rich and the affluent. You can never be rich when you denounce and blame the rich people, if you have been arguing against riches, it is time for you to repent and convert that poverty attitude, seriously.

How hard is it to become rich? I believe it is not more hard to make a lot of money in an honest and God fearing manner. Let me tell you, riches flood in abundance to any man who can help solve human troubles. People all over the world have problems, stress, unanswered questions and concerns that needs urgent attention, these people are ready and willing to part with their coin to anyone who can help them solve those problems. The first step to riches is used to indicate a human difficulty that you are capable of solving. This capability can be in form of expertise, what you acquired through training or education, what you desire to do and learn more as you go along. The capability to solve human problem is always there in everyone that is born to this world, there is no human being that does not have something to offer as a solution to other people’s problems.

How can I discover this capability in me? It comes majorly by find yourself to discover what you naturally desire to do. If you adore and desire to sing, dance, romp football, or admire some whizs in certain field and really love to be like one of them, it can be a signal to you. You may also want to observe yourself to see if you have natural knack to do anything without stress, if that thing can help another man, developing that flair can be the best thing you can ever do. Aptitudes and deep hope are the major things that offsets millionaires out of ordinary people. Any of the above( I imply talent or deep want) can help you to acquire millions if you take it gravely and work at it from this very moment.

Do I have the power to get wealth? My answer is a straight yes. You have the power to get wealth, and that supremacy comes from God. He has already given you the dominance, you need to know this and believe it firmly because many things will rise up that will become you to think you cannot do it. Your attitude always should be, I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength. You have the power to do anything that you really desire to do, you have aptitudes, some may be hiding but you can search them out of you and develop them. Some of the powers inside you are hiding, some need to be developed as you work on yourself, but the truth is, you have power. Every soul does.

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