The Meaning of Abundance

We all want to enjoy life, have great relationships, achieve our goals and be loved. We subscribe to websites, read articles and books looking for the one answer that will give us everything we desire.

The truth is you already know at some level of your being…

Knowing the meaning of abundance can help clarify what you think you don’t know and are still looking for. So what does abundance mean in relation to our desires? If you’ve been on the internet searching for how to attract abundance you must first understand what it is before you can attract it.

Abundance is not a thing it is a way of being. If I’ve lost anyone here let me explain further. Abundance is access to an infinite supply of energy. I say energy because everything is energy from your physical toys to your physical body. From your thoughts to your emotions.

With your present understanding of abundance and why you are reading this article ask yourself what type of abundance you are seeking. Are you seeking the real meaning of abundance to better understand and evolve or one of the following:

· If you are seeking material abundance such as more toys, a better house or more money then these can be obtained by following one way.

· If you are seeking relationship abundance such as more friends, better relationships in your personal or business life then these can be obtained by following one way.

· If you are seeking health abundance such as more energy, more weight loss success, more emotional breakthroughs then these can be obtained by following one way.

Everything we are seeking we already are. We are everything we desire. What most people won’t or can’t accept due to previous programming is that everything we seek is outside of us. It’s not. It’s part of us.

You are seeking abundance in some form but you are looking in the wrong place or seeing it in the wrong perspective. You are made of energy as is everything on this planet and in the universe as we know it. We are all connected to each other energetically which explains why psychics read minds and telekinesis is possible. We haven’t all developed our natural abilities because most of us can’t or won’t open ourselves to what we can really do. What we really are.

Abundance is your true nature. It is what you were created from. It is who you are now. Why you can’t get what you want is because of what you think or believe daily. I can’t stress this enough. We have been programmed with thoughts and feelings since the womb. We heard conversations of lack, violence, positivity and hope. We have picked up and been programmed with these dialogues and they are part of us. But we now know how to turn all this negative, self defeating energy into the energy we desire to have.

This is our new stage of evolution

The evolution we are experiencing right now sees people having massive shifts in lifestyle from poverty to wealth, from lives of taking to lives of giving and healings that seem miraculous.

These are not miracles. they are people who have shifted their perspective on how they view life and are now an energetic match to their true self. Their true self being part of the abundance of the universe. We are all capable of making this match but the first step is opening your mind.

I love the quote by Thich Nhat Hanh

“For things to reveal themselves to us we need to be ready to abandon our views about them”

Abandon all preconceived beliefs and notions about how things are supposed to be and see them in a new light. Let situations and people reveal themselves to you and accept what is shown without judgement.

Your present thoughts and beliefs are forming your reality right now. Try the exercise of no mind or observation when your old thoughts creep into your mind. These are not the truth but conditioned patterns that are keeping you from your greatness, your abundance, your wholeness.

The energy from which you are created holds the abundance you desire. Accept the true nature of who you are and open up to your abundance. Abundance is being one with creation which is everything.

If what you are is everything then when we are seeking everything/abundance we are really seeking ourselves

We are really seeking wholeness, completeness and the connection to ourselves. We already have it. We just need to accept it as fact, know it and live by it.

You have been conditioned to disconnection from your wholeness. Reconnecting will take time and commitment so you must be willing to do what it takes.

Try these simple exercises:

  • ·Visualize yourself in a boat on a river. Think about something you desire. Do negative thoughts or feelings occur? You are paddling upstream going against the flow of life – resistance, putting in effort
  • Think something about the situation that makes you smile, happy or joyful. Your boat is now floating downstream without work in the easy flow of life – abundance
  • Whenever one of your preconditioned thoughts comes into your head observe it without judgement. Just observe it until it disappears. This is the practice of observing the ridiculous. I find myself laughing at some of the still existing lies that come to the surface
  • We believe we are right about everything. We are right about everything in our life but we don’t know what’s right for anyone else. If you tend toward correcting others just know that it’s OK to believe what you want. No one has to agree with you. And vice versa.

These are just a few simple exercises to get you out of the flow of resistance and into the ease and flow of your true self.

The key to getting the abundance we desire is letting a whole new way of thinking and accepting ourselves and others to prevail. We are evolving and there are massive changes taking place. Your work is to integrate yourself into this new way of being. Everyone is responsible for doing their own work to achieve it.

You’re on this site looking for answers. I did not seek you out and say you must think this way. Such is the way of the seeker. You cannot force your beliefs on others. When others seek answers they find you. Offer what you know to these seekers without expectation that they must or will listen you.

I hope this offers some clarity on your search for abundance.

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