The Healing Of Yourself, By Yourself

Some of the greatest healing in reality and in history have not come from medicine or “real” science, but from the mind itself. This is what this article is all about. Indeed, I am not saying anything like “forget the World Health Organization” or “depend on quackery and believe in it enough, it will ultimately heal you through your belief”, nothing like that. But, I am saying pretty much what Sir Francis Bacon said once, “science and nature with good aid always succeeds, with hindrance and negativity, everything fails”. That is pretty much the premise of this article. It is all for medical science and good healing, but it is against quackery and pure blind belief.

So, I will explain my position completely: I believe in traditional medical science, but if it can be aided by positive feelings, positive beliefs and positive visualizations within its auspices, then it is not quackery to me, but simply an aid to genuine healing if you get where I am coming from. Sure, I will use medicine and bandages when needed, but, when push comes to shove, I will also use alternatives as a legitimate aid to those medicines, bandages, and the like.

For example: I meditate and do some yoga, I walk a mile and a half to work almost every day and do calisthenics at home to keep myself in shape and in good physical condition. That illustrates part of what I mean, but not all of it. Here is the rest, I keep my thoughts positive and sanely patient for the most part so that I can deal with things better. What I am saying with this is that negativity and laziness does not help overall health in any way. In fact negativity and laziness help create bad health, and medicine does not cure that. Only, positivity and industriousness in the first place can prevent the problems ultimately.

As for serious illnesses, I am definitely not saying “go quack!” Not at all, but I am saying that they are preventable by basic measures in the first place in a sense with positivity and industriousness instead of laziness. I will even say that meditation, mental and spiritual discipline will help also. But what hinders, does hinder, and what helps, does help. So, to prevent, I am really saying you must help instead of hinder yourself. It all starts there anyway. So, I say one last time: This is not an article against traditional medicine or cures, this is an article to logically enhance them. Get it?

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