Technology Is The Key To Working At Home

Technology Is The Key To Working At Home

Over the last decade the advancement in computer technology is astounding.At one time it was rare to know more than a few people who had a home internet connection and email. Now, it is rare if you don’t. How many email accounts do you have? If you have a web site, most likely whoever is hosting your domain name supplied you with at least ten different email addresses. That is just the way things are done today.

With the advancement in technology comes a more practical and less expensive way to work, and that is at home. Some people are opting to quit their jobs and start their own home based business. While this may work for some it may not work for others. It is possible to have a successful home business but it won’t happen overnight. Contrary to what a lot of the get rich quick schemes out there tell you, you really do have to work to make money. Working ten minutes a day won’t do it. Your income will reflect the amount of time you work. Working at home does not just mean making money from the internet.

There are also companies that are allowing their employees to telecommute (work from home). If even a small fraction of a companies employees are able to do their work from home the business has the potential to save thousands of dollars a year. They no longer need the large office space for their employees. The only employee expense the company has now to their work at home employees is the computer and a fax machine. Gone now are days of having to supply your staff with desks and comfortable chairs. When technology grows and advances, businesses change and grow right along with

When an employer allows an employee to work at home the employee is happier and turns out a higher quality of work, is more productive and expresses a higher job satisfaction than if he were to be stuck inside the office all day. There is also a lot less employee turnover when telecommuting benefits have been offered.

Sometimes a company may risk losing a valued employee due to his or her spouse being transferred and having to move. If the company has a telecommute program you can work from whatever city you will now be living.

No longer will you have to search for work in a different city, but the company saves its investment in you and thousands of dollars a year.

Have you ever had to take a leave of absence for maternity or to care for a sick family member? Regardless if you have or haven’t there are millions of people each year that leave work for one or the other. The loss of income when leaving to take care of a sick family member can be detrimental to some. Given the opportunity to continue working at home during this time is one less stressful thing to have to worry about.

There is nothing better than waking in the morning knowing that your office is only a few feet away. If your feeling a little under the weather in the morning, not a problem. You no longer have to phone work to let them know that you are sick and either won’t be coming to work that day or that you will be late. Stay in bed and get a bit more rest, you will be a lot more productive if you get more rest than if you were to try and start your work while you’re still dead tired and achy. Now that you work at home you don’t have to worry about that 8am work schedule. As long as you get your work done on time you can begin the day at whatever time suits you.

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