Message From the Universe: Get Your Piece of the Pie, You Deserve It

“Behold, a new day… with rainbows, sunshine, and blue skies. New players, rebounds, and recoveries. Abundance, health, and harmony. Just like you’ve been picturing them, right?


Please tell me you’ve been picturing them!!

It takes so little,

The Universe”

As easy it is to focus on the bad, you can focus on the good. Actually, it is easier because the good feelings from your positive thoughts leaves you with a better sense of accomplishment. You feel motivated, ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Your attitude is different and you are in a much better mood. Even if they were just positive thoughts crossing your mind, you know deep inside that you will make these thoughts a reality. Never dream small, focus on the big and do whatever it takes to reach your dreams. They may be scary but by understanding them better, they will not feel as overwhelming as you thought they would be. You want to built a fortune 500 company? What stops you from doing it? Is it too difficult? What do others who’ve made it happen have more than you? Is it courage? Determination? Willing to work hard? If you know you are capable of all that, there is no reason why you shouldn’t succeed. There is enough abundance out there for everyone to have their share and enjoy their success. Forget about wealth being reserved to only a few people in this planet. You have all the rights to get a piece of that pie. So get the knife and help yourself. I am sure the pie taste amazing.

Are your thoughts aligned with your beliefs? Do you believe you deserve that piece of the pie? Do you feel like you have done everything in your power to make things happen the way you always wanted? Is there any reason why you should doubt yourself? Thoughts will become things ONLY if you have put action and belief into the equation. Thoughts only creates a path on the road but you need to pour asphalt and compress it to the ground to flatten the pavement for smooth cruising. Actions and beliefs are a must and without them, you only have dreams or ideas, and that’s about it. The race of life happens with only ONE competitor, yourself. You are racing against yourself. Since we all have different dreams at different time in our lives, you need to focus on what you can do to make these dreams happen and forget about what others do. This is none of your business what others do. Put your energy in yourself, on your venture, on your goals and do not let others intervene with anything you do unless you seek their advice. Trust yourself that the decision you make are the right one. By doing so, you are incorporating belief in the potential of your accomplishments. Everything else will follow and you will reach your destination with a big smile with a lot more to do.

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