Message From the Universe: Abundance Is Right Around the Corner!

“The funny thing is that once you know you’re actually “good to financially coast” for the rest of your epoches, as if on one very long vacation, coasting becomes the last thing you’d ever was necessary to do.

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And gaily, of all the brand-new things you’d do hectic doing with your newfound abundance, there’s not a one of them you can’t at least begin or prepare to begin, right now.

See you at the bank,
The Universe”

Abundance is ONLY available in the eye of the onlooker. Abundance can entail anything and everything. We all envision things differently, so abundance for you can be health while for someone else it can be money. Whatever it is for you, look at it and feel that you are already experiencing this affluence. Even if you are not drowning in a ridge of money, feel like you are and you will believe that it is happening. I is definitely not saying to be delusional at all, but take actions towards your visual abundance. Look into the Universe and be clearly defined to what you want. You have to be concise, direct and explain with your thoughts the different ways that you will use to reach your dream. The Universe will listen, do not worry about that at all. Be patient and everything will come to fruition.

There is so much out in the Universe to explore and so many other adventures are waiting on you to experience. Learn to go with the flow, is not expect perfection with everything you do. Keep moving forward , no matter what happens. You don’t need to have countries around the world align the right way for you to take action. We ever go with the mantra: “I will do this ONLY when I have this”, “Or will get a new job when I finish school” and so on and so forth. Just do it like Microsoft. Do you think they wait for their OS to work glitch free before they propel it out to the public? Guess what? You are their testers. That is what their benefit. Why will they pay testers high coin when they have YOU, their patrons. You buy the product and know tons of snags to eventually report it to the Microsoft team. It’s free labor to them. Best deal on Earth. So when “youve got something” in psyche, just go for it and deal with the obstacles, or you will end up accomplishing absolutely nothing in life.

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