Life Is Not a Competition

Life is not a competition, it never is, it never was, rather it’s a beautiful journey. Whom we are competing with and what for? Is it ourselves we are trying to compete with or with other people? We compete when we come across same traits, and then we try to win, to be the best, but what for; to satisfy ourselves or to satisfy other people who wants us to win? I tried to dig more by considering two scenarios, i.e., competition with ourselves and with other people.

Competition with ourselves: There is a difference between improvement and competition, but the line between them is so thin, that we often take improvement as competition. How can a same person have two similar traits? For example, if one is good at studies, how can he be good at studies “again”; he just improves his forte. Similarly, if one is good at any sport, lets say soccer, how can he compete himself in the same trait; he just works hard to enhance his skills, to satisfy himself or to satisfy his soul. (there are several other similar examples, try reasoning yourself). Therefore, we don’t compete with ourselves, we just keep on upgrading our better version.

Compete with other people: Two different people can have a same trait or similar qualification or two or more people can excel the same thing. We, compete with the people having similar traits as ours, to win, to be the best. Has anyone ever heard someone saying that, he want to compete only to lose? We compete, only in an attempt to win, just to show that “I am better than you” and when “I” comes, our ego comes along with it. Sometimes, actually many a time, when we start to lose and in order to win, in order to satisfy and feed our ego, we start imitating other’s USP or method and that’s where, when we start to lose “our” originality. We forget that by losing our originality, we can win once or twice by chance/luck, but, we can never be a true winner and it’s actually a lost. So, what’s the point of having a competition if it ruins our originality, or if we cannot be true ourselves or a true winner. If our success or failure doesn’t affect or bother us, then we are actually not competing with anyone, we are just practicing with other people to improve, to upgrade a better version and to satisfy ourself. Anything more than satisfying ourself or getting peace is worthless and temporary.

Don’t try to win because someone wants you to win, as it will be for them and you will never find peace; win by being true self, for yourself without any competition as it will give you eternal peace. Do what you feel like, what makes you happy, what makes you peace with.

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