How to Teach People How to Treat You

Are you bombarded with obnoxious behavior from people in your everyday life. You don’t need to suffer in silence for this. Show them how you want to be treated and they will treat you the same. What magic actually lies in here? Read on to find out.

The simple magic is that you treat people in a way you would like to be treated. Treat them with love, compassion, empathy and kindness. Leave them with a gorgeous smile of yours. How can they treat you badly after this? You will soon find the reflection of you in them.

Sometimes it’s not you but others who react with anger and rude behavior, without letting you know what it is all about. It then becomes hard to decipher them. Ask them if there is some problem. If they refuse to cooperate, stay aloof and don’t pay them attention. It will then be the case that they will be running after you to hold a gentle conversation.

Too many a time, other horrible incidents in people’s lives make them behave badly towards you. It totally isn’t your fault. In that case say as little as possible and outdistance yourself. You don’t need to lose your mind talking to these people under such circumstances. You know they had a hard day. Say something polite and buzz away. And forgive them because they are not themselves at the moment. The next time you meet them, they will be the old good, jolly people and you can pursue a happy, worthy conversation with them.

One important tip I would like to give you is never talk ill of yourself to others. For example, “I don’t look good”, “I am not a good cook”, “I am so stupid”, “I am so fat” and the list goes on. People you talk to about you this way actually believe you and they will be repeating the same phrases to you in no short time. I can assure you that you wouldn’t like it. But it is you who encouraged them to say such things. Nothing to worry. Correct yourself, think good about yourself and be kind to yourself and let others know by your actions what a great person you are. You don’t need to brag and boast to prove you are worthy. Your daily actions will speak louder than your words.

Another important tip I would like to mention here is that don’t ever confide in new friends and acquaintances that you have been treated badly by people in the past. Because they will believe those people and not you and think that you are not worthy of respect and start behaving ill. So it’s best to keep your past in the past and not repeat it to anyone in the present good times.

Sometimes it is just a bad rumor set up by somebody spreading all over the complex you live or the office where you work. None of it is true. But how do you handle such a situation? Because it is spreading fast. Just hold on and pray from the core of your heart. Almighty God can fix everything for you. People will want to humiliate you because they get fun from it but almighty God will magnify you in wondrous ways. And then people will have nothing to say other than appreciate you at large.

So rude and ill behavior from people is not uncommon. It has happened to the best of us. Try to control the situation as much as you can and leave the rest to God and trust Him. Keep your own courtesies and behavior well all the time no matter what. God will be pleased and justify the situation for you. There isn’t always much to worry, gotcha?

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