From Poverty To Prosperity 2

All the people who prospered in life in any area or department have one thing in common. They all used their minds productively and constructively. Wealth is not in your beauty, where you live, the job you do, but in your heart, it is the inability to draw it out of your heart that enforces poverty. This is the reason you see wealthy people and poor people in every profession, you see wealthy and poor people in every nation, state, town and village. Wealth is not the exclusive right of any family or nation, it is available for anyone who can use his mind, and I guess you are one of them, that is why you are reading this. Wealth does not respect your look hence you see weak people becoming rich while strong and healthy people are poor, ugly people and physically disabled people are employing beautiful and handsome university graduates. Note also that wealth is not in your education, many uneducated people are richer than professors in the university. This tells you that whatever level or situation you are facing, you can break out and become successful.

If wealth is not in profession, a particular location and is not an exclusive right of any family, where then is wealth located? The answer is simple but true, wealth is located in every man’s heart, and constructive thinking is needed to bring it out to reality. The good news is that every man can do it, but it now depends on you to do it or not. The wealth is there in your heart, all you need is to use constructive thinking to bring it out to reality and you are able to do this. Yes, you have the capacity to use constructive thinking to draw out the wealth in you to physical reality.

How do we draw out the embedded wealth in our hearts? By thinking continuously on the desired blessing until we see it clearly in our minds and feel it that we have it even though we are yet to touch it. This sounds simple, but friend, it is not easy to do it without discipline. If you can discipline yourself to do this every time, I assure you of success and great wealth, and it does not matter how old you are, it works. This is the most important secret of the wealthy people, it sounds simple, but if you can do it in the next six months, your level will surely change, that one is a guarantee.

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